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Car Lifts And Automotive Vehicle Hoists

Car lifts are a great automotive solution if you have limited space for a vehicle, acting as hoists within a garage or lot with 2 post, 4 post and more.

Many people these days own more than one vehicle and if you lack the garage space to store these it can mean leaving your car outdoors in the driveway or on the street. This means it is left out in the elements and is also less secure in terms of potential theft. However, there are ways to increase the vehicle storage space you have in a garage and car lifts are simple devices that can provide additional space for storing cars and trucks.

Basic Overview

Car lifts are a basic concept which allows double storey parking of vehicles in a garage. At a stroke this can double the parking space you have available without any construction work required to increase the size of the garage. This can be a more affordable method for increasing the parking space you have available. However if you decide to purchase one you need to check the headroom requirements needed for the lift as this can vary for different models.

Types Available

There are a few different types of car lifts available with two post and four post models available. The basic idea is the same for either of these. With the car lift in its lowered position a vehicle is driven into place. A system of hydraulics is then used to move this vehicle into a raised position above the floor of the garage. The space below it is then available to park a second car or truck such that two vehicles are stacked one above the other. It is a simple and safe way to park cars and will allow you to store more vehicles in your garage without having to add on any additional space.

Manufacturers To Look At

If you make the decision that car lifts can be a good addition to your garage then there are a few manufacturers to consider. Some of the companies that produce lifts for cars include Greg Smith Equipment Sales, Harding Steel and BendPak to name a few. These produce a range of two and four post lifts with different weight capacities providing a good selection to choose from.


In terms of cost it is typically worth shopping around a few different companies to find a price that suits your needs and your budget. A standard two post car lift can start at around $1,500 with the Atlas series of lifts from Greg Smith Equipment being examples of this. However for heavier duty models capable of lifting more weight the cost can rise to around $3,000 plus. Four post car lifts can typically be a little bit more expensive with prices starting at just under $2,000 for lower rated models and rising to around $6,000 for heavier duty lifts.

Increasing Garage Space

If your family has more than one vehicle and you are looking for a simple and cost effective way of increasing your garage space then car lifts are an option to consider. Using one can mean you avoid the costly requirement of extending your garage or knocking it down and replacing it.  Lifts for cars are easy to use and safe and can double the parking space you have available for a relatively affordable cost.

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