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Carriage House Garage Doors Made Of Steel, Wood And Other Materials

Carriage house garage doors are a popular style in steel and wood, adding charm to any setting.

Adding carriage house garage doors to your home can be great way to enhance it’s visual appeal, as well a the overall value of your property.  These are highly beloved doors that go well with practically any home, no matter what your style tastes.  While carriage house garage doors can also be fairly expensive, they are a great investment into the look, as well as value of your home.  Plus there are a wide variety of different style variants, so there’s guaranteed to be a perfect addition, that you will just love adding to your garage.  The main thing will simply be choosing the door that fits with your garage the best.

You probably know carriage house garage doors under the more common name of swing out doors, and they work just like they sound.  Instead of one solid door to your garage, there will be two, and each will be capable of swinging outward.  They are made from real wood, and usually feature glass windows at the top of the door.  They provide a fantastic vintage style to any garage, and really dress up the look of practically any property.  Plus carriage house garage doors can come in a variety of different designs, as well as color schemes, so you can find the perfect addition to your home.

One thing you’ll want to do, is ensure that you find carriage house garage doors that are the right size, so you should start your search by measuring the opening of your garage.  This is important, as you’ll need to be sure that the doors will fit exactly, or you need to know the exact size to have custom doors manufactured.  That means you’ll need to measure the height of your opening, as well as the width.  This way you can have the perfect doors manufactured that will provide a great snug fit, so that they are practical as well as visually stunning.

Another of the most important things to consider, is the composition of your carriage house garage doors.  There are traditional wood versions, and these typically look the best, although they can be very heavy and expensive.  You also have the opportunity to choose fiberglass carriage house garage doors, which don’t look quite as good visually, but will stand up to weather conditions much better.  The best choice for you simply depends upon how much you want to spend, and the type of maintenance you’re looking to perform.  Fiberglass are low maintenance, but will be easily spotted by a keen eye, so they don’t add as much value to your home.  Nothing looks better than wood, or adds more value, however the wood will require constant effort on your part, to maintain it’s great look.

When you’re actually ready to buy carriage house garage doors, there are a variety of places that you can go.  For already made doors, typically the internet is your best resource, so that you can find the best model for the lowest price.  Websites like or are great places to find the carriage house garage doors you want.  Although it’s usually best to use a local contractor if you would like custom doors built, so that you can work more closely with them.

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