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Personalized, Custom Garage Doors

Custom garage doors are also known as designer garage doors.

Picking custom garage doors is not like a usual garage door purchase.  A custom made door requires a more involved process on your part, and will also require more time and patience as well.  A customized, or designer garage door is usually based upon visual appeal, to match the architecture of your house.  Finding a high quality custom garage door can even increase your home’s value, simply from the added aesthetic appeal.  Shopping for a customized garage door also requires some preparation, so that the process can flow as smoothly as possible.

Your first step should be to measure the garage door space you have available.  Accurate measurements of the opening to your garage are a must.  You should also measure the length of your garage, as many door options require the ability for your door to swing upward for ceiling storage.  Check that your garage is large enough to facilitate an up-and-over door to widen, or narrow your custom garage doors search.  If your garage isn’t long enough to store a door this way, you’ll likely have to stick to doors that swing outward.

Now that you have your options from the measurements you’ve taken, you can determine which style suits your home best.  There are a variety of different material options for custom garage doors.  Some of the more common ones include custom fiberglass garage doors, metal ones, and custom wood garage doors.  All have their advantages and disadvantages.

Metal is more sturdy and will hold up under the elements, and can be made to give off the appearance of an old fashioned door.  Fiberglass is the same as metal in terms of durability, but fiberglass tends to lend itself to customization a little better.  Wood isn’t as sturdy as metal or fiberglass but offers an unparalleled level of aesthetic appeal options.  Wood also runs more expensive, and requires the most upkeep, but will provide the biggest boost to your home’s value.

From there you should have a good idea about which style seems to suit your home.  Now you have to find a company that specializes in custom garage doors.  A bigger corporation isn’t a good idea here, as they don’t have the time necessary for such an involved process.  Custom garage door companies can vary from location to location, but some of the biggest are Designer Doors and Industrial Door Company.  The bigger the custom company, the more materials and options you’ll have available, so try to find the biggest one in your area.

Usually the company you choose will assign you a representative that can help take you through the custom garage doors process.  You’ll find out what options you have available, based upon which styles and materials you’re most interested in using.  As far as pricing is concerned, custom doors can get very expensive.

There are no generalized price points, because each door project is different.  Decide a budget beforehand, but keep in mind on custom doors the prices can run well in excess of $1,000, because of the time and work required.  The process of making and installing your doors will take a while, but before too long you’ll have spectacular custom garage doors that increase the appeal and value of your home.

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