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Garage Door Companies And Manufacturers

Choosing the best amongst the many garage door companies will depend on your needs.

There are a wide variety of garage door companies, and choosing the one that’s right for you is a matter of taste.  Which type of garage door you’re looking for will determine the best company for you.  Almost every corporation offers different standards of service and quality of product, so sifting through them all could be a nightmare.  But in most cases you’re better served by using a bigger company, opposed to a smaller local service.

This is because bigger garage door companies can facilitate repairs and better warranties than a smaller local service.  Also a bigger corporation has a more rigid rule set, meaning the standard of service won’t change over the years, because of the companies stability.  Something you absolutely don’t want, is to purchase an expensive new door from a local service, only to find out they’ve gone out of business and won’t be able to service your door, or make good on any guarantees.

That is why name brands like Genie, Raynor and Clopay are good choices.  Usually their installation services and products are of a higher and more consistent quality.  All also have widely available parts, so that if anything goes wrong with your door or mechanism, repair will always go smoothly.  Although the garage door companies you may choose to do business with should really be based upon which sort of door you’re planning to purchase.

There are a variety of different materials to choose from including: metal, wood, fiberglass, and old-fashioned door styles.  Metal have the advantage of being very sturdy, and they stand up to the elements very well through the years.  Wood are not quite as sturdy, but provide more stylish options.  Fiberglass is about as sturdy as a metal door, and won’t carry an electric current, which is an added layer of safety.  Old-fashioned doors are usually more decorative than functional, so the visual flair is more important than anything else.

Clopay is probably the largest of the garage door companies, and they offer the widest variety of door and installation options all across the United States.  From fiberglass, wood, or metal designs, Clopay has one of the widest varieties and most positive customer feedback.  Because they are a national chain, finding help purchasing doors or repairing your current products is no problem.

But if you find yourself uninterested in Clopay, other big name alternatives include General American Door Company, Raynor Garage Doors, and Wayne Dalton Corp.  On the whole, Raynor is probably second best, rivaling Clopay for locations as well as product line.  Raynor also offers a wide variety of metal, wood, and fiberglass designs.

For more old-fashioned door designs, you’ll have to find more specialized garage door companies.  Windsor Door, Designer Doors Inc., and Amarr Garage Doors are some of the biggest names.  Usually a bigger brand is best for old-fashioned doors as well, as they will have a wider variety with more customization options.  Old-fashioned doors also require more maintenance than the average garage door, so finding one of the big garage door companies is essential to maintaining the longevity of your door.

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