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Garage Door Prices And Total Cost

Garage door prices vary by style, with cost and pricing options for home and commercial use covering a wide range.

When it comes to garage door prices, you’ll find that the ratio can range from fairly cheap doors that anyone can afford, to extremely expensive pieces of art that cost well into the thousands.  That means you’ll want to find a door that’s tailored to you, in terms of budget as well as style.  The important thing is to figure out a garage door that will work for your home, and try and find something that works with your budget.  You can find stylish doors at any cost, so you don’t have to sacrifice visual appeal, just to find  garage door prices that will work for you.  The main thing is simply determining the door that works for you, so that you can find a price you will agree with.

That means your first task, will be determining the type of door that you would like to purchase.  When it comes to residential doors, there are two main types, sectional and swinging.  The garage door prices you can expect to pay can vary greatly based upon the type that you choose.  In most cases, the sectional door is the standard, and is what you’ll find employed at most homes.  This door consists of several large pieces of wood, or metal, that are combined together on a track mechanism.  Sectional doors allow for extreme convenience, by being able to be easily pulled, or pushed up and down, so that they protect your garage, but take up no space when not in use.  Plus they can feature an automatic mechanism, so that they door can be operated manually.

When style is the most important aspect of your home, and garage door prices have no bearing on your judgment, then wooden swinging doors are your best option.  These are not unlike what you would find on many older garages, or even barns, as they are essentially just large wooden doors.  They don’t feature automatic operation, which can be a drawback, but they do look fantastic.  The reason most swinging garage door prices can climb so high, is because they are often made from hardwoods, so that the doors can stand up to the elements, and stay beautiful for a long time.  While they may be costly, nothing will look better or give your home a more antique look.

Another factor in garage door prices, is the size of door that you’ll be needing for your garage.  For this reason, to receive an accurate estimate, you’ll want to measure the doorway beforehand.  This way, if you’re having the door custom built, or just want a quote on the cost you can expect, you’ll have the measurements you need to get accurate information.

The best place to get great garage door prices, is usually going to be through an online warehouse that specializes in doors.  This way, you guarantee they have a larger stock of items, so that they can afford to sell them at lower prices while still making a profit.  Websites like or are great places to go for the lowest garage door prices you can hope to find.  Just remember, a custom door is almost always going to be more expensive, due to the extra workmanship required.

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