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Commercial, Residential Glass Garage Doors

Glass garage doors are stylish and functional for residential and commercial use.

Glass garage doors provide an extra level of elegance and grace to any home.  Although, because of price, they are more of a luxury.  Glass offers style as well as a significant bump in the value of your home.  Although, glass doors for garages also require quite of bit of maintenance over the years, so they will become a year-round project to maintain.  Glass garage doors don’t offer any security, because of their fragility, so if you’re looking for a more secure door, glass isn’t the choice for you.

Before shopping for doors, you should first take accurate measurements of your garage door space.  This will determine the price range for the glass doors you’re looking to purchase.  Sizing affects pretty much all elements, as a glass garage door has to be custom made. The larger the space, the more expensive the door is going to become.  Accurate measurements will give you a guideline of how much you can expect to spend, while door shopping.

There are a wide variety of glass garage door styles.  The frames and glass can both differ from door to door.  There are metal frames, as well as wooden frames.  Generally the metal frames provide more stability over time, but wood goes beyond in creating a much more pleasing aesthetic appeal.  The glass also variates from frame to frame.  Glass can be clear, or even tinted to a darker color.  Glass can also be clear and thick, or with metal supports that appear like a mesh inside of the glass.  Glass with metal supports tend to last longer without any problems, but also isn’t as visually appealing as more standard glass.

Style also greatly affects the price of glass garage doors.  Metal frames run much cheaper than wooden frames.  Thick clear glass is cheaper than tinted glass, because the manufacturing process is more simple.  Also glass with metal supports tends to be cheaper, as the glass usually isn’t as thick on account of the extra support.  Subtle differences aside, most doors still maintain very expensive price points.  Usually you’re looking at spending pretty well into the thousands for your glass garage doors.  The biggest factors will be door size, and which type of frame you choose.

From there you can shop around at different companies, to find the best deal.  There are a variety of custom stores like Designer Doors, Industrial Door Company and Windsor Doors.  A custom company will be better to make your purchase with, rather than a big garage door corporation.  A custom company offers more design choices and options, and as glass garage doors are a luxury, you’ll be most happy with what a custom corporation has to offer.

Glass garage doors also require a lot more maintenance than your average garage door.  A glass door will need to be cleaned much more often, to preserve it’s aesthetic appeal.  You should use any glass approved cleaning product once every few days.  To preserve the glossy clear appearance of the glass, instead of a washrag, you should also use a squeegee.  A squeegee will make sure that the glass remains completely clear of any marks or imperfections, preserving a shiny, good-as-new appearance throughout your garage door’s lifetime.

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