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Steel, Wood, Glass And Other Insulated Garage Doors

Insulated garage doors protect your home or commercial setting from cold air, with insulation possibilities for all types.

When your garage is attached to your house, it’s important to take the proper steps to ensure the door is properly protected against the elements.  That means you absolutely need to have insulated garage doors so that you can keep your utility use in check.  The problem with not having proper insulation, is that cold air will not only seep inside your house, but also, the warm air during heating season will also slip right out.  This means you’ll have to run your home’s heating system more often, which will cost you a lot more money.  So that means installing insulated garage doors in your home is extremely important, so that you can ensure that you’re properly protected against the elements.

The problem when you choose not to install or purchase insulated garage doors in your home, is that you really aren’t well protected against the temperature outside.  Because garage door material is typically fairly thin, and doesn’t hold nor restrict heat to any great degree, this can cause a huge weakness in your home’s ability to control it’s internal climate.  This is especially true when your garage is an attachment onto the body of your home.  When you don’t have insulated garage doors, heat can easily be lost in the wintertime, or heat can easily slip in, ruining your ability to keep your home cool in the summer time.  That’s just bad, under any circumstance.  Which is why you’ll want insulation to ensure your garage is properly protected year round.

The main way that insulated garage doors function, is by using a special foam, to ensure that all of the gaps in the doorway are covered.  Because most doors feature some sort of mechanical motion so that they can be folded into a smaller shape more easily, full insulation on the entire door frame just isn’t possible.  For this reason, you’ll need to pick and choose the areas in which you’ll be adding insulated foam.  Typically some of the most important areas to cover include the small gap between the door and the floor, as well as any possible gaps on the side of the door.  These absolutely need insulation, otherwise you just won’t be able to control your home’s climate as well as you may like.

Something to think about if you already have insulated garage doors, is ensuring that your insulation is safe, especially if they were installed a few years ago.  A common component of older insulation materials was asbestos, which is no longer in use as it was found to be extremely hazardous to humans.  For this reason, you may want to have your garage doors asbestos checked, so that you can have them replaced with a safer material.  This way you can get the insulated garage doors that will protect your home, without poisoning your family.

When it comes to buying insulated garage doors, you can find all the materials you need to fix your current garage setup at practically any hardware store.  Retailers like Home Depot have everything you need to change your garage for the better.  This way you’ll have exactly what you need to add insulated garage doors to your home.

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