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Prefab Garage Building Kits

A prefab garage is a great option, with plenty of prefabricated buildings and kits offered in metal, wooden and concrete form.

Many people who own a vehicle prefer to have a garage to park it in. This tends to be the safest option and can provide a car, truck or SUV with some protection from the elements as well as a little more security. However, not all homes come with a garage attached and this can mean constructing your own. One of the simplest and quickest ways to do this can be to purchase a prefab garage and these are available from many manufacturers.


A prefab garage is one which comes in kit form. The separate components are prefabricated by the manufacturer and these are then connected together on site to erect the building. The various garages available come in a range of sizes from a single garage with space to accommodate one vehicle, to larger garages which have space available for two or more cars. They can be manufactured of a variety of materials with some of those commonly used including wood, steel, aluminum and plastic.


There can be a few advantages to choosing a prefab garage as opposed to constructing a new building. They are typically much quicker to erect with the prefabricated units connecting together quickly and easily. This means the garage can be constructed in a shorter time resulting in less disruption at your home. Most new buildings need a permit for construction prior to them being erected. This generally means the local building department has to view the plans. However many prefabricated garages are approved for use and this can speed up the process of getting a permit. Before purchasing a prefabricated garage it is worth checking with the local building department if they have any particular requirements for prefabricated buildings or have a list of approved manufacturers.


A prefab garage can also be a more affordable option that constructing a completely new building. Standard prefabricated units can be produced in high quantities and this generally results in the cost coming down. A standard prefabricated garage can therefore be cheaper to purchase and erect than a custom built garage.

Companies To Compare/Contrast

If you are considering the use of a prefab garage at your property then there are a number of companies that manufacture and sell them. A search on the internet will show you many of these and some of the names to consider include Just Garage Kits, Summerwood Products and Prefabricated Garage Kits. These produce a range of different garage styles and sizes in various materials such that most consumers should be able to find an appropriate garage kit for their property.

Total Cost

There are a few factors that can influence the cost of a prefabricated garage kits. The size of the garage is one, as is the material of construction. For smaller garages prices for a prefab kit can start around the $3,000 mark, although this price will rise as the size of the garage increases. Most companies can be contacted for free quotes and this is the best way to get an idea of cost.

If you are looking for a quick and simple way to install a garage at your home then a prefab garage is an option to consider. Most can be installed over a weekend period and the resulting garage will be good quality, long lasting and provide a suitable place to park your vehicle.

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