Roll up garage doors, custom, glass, and more

Roll Up Garage Doors Options For Residential, Commercial Settings

Roll up garage doors are great for residential use, maximizing space and providing security.

Roll up garage doors are a great way to save space, and provide security in your garage.  Roll up, or roller garage doors, are split into different sections that automatically roll into a drum above the garage opening.  They are extremely convenient as roller doors take up less space than sectional, or up-and-over garage doors.  Also, because the door does not swing outward, a roller door is great even for shorter driveways.  So if you have a smaller driveway, or a garage that isn’t very large, roll up garage doors can be the perfect solution.

Usually rolling garage doors are manufactured from thin strips of aluminum, so that the door can easily roll around the drum mechanism, and effectively remain stored in as tight an area as possible.  Most commonly roll up garage doors are automatic, meaning you can use a garage door opener to signal the mechanism to open and close the door.  This is extremely useful in bad weather conditions, as you wouldn’t even have to leave your car to open or close the door.  Most roller doors also feature automatic locks, meaning you’ll never have to remember to lock your door, because the mechanism locks itself.

Although, there are a few disadvantages with the convenience of roll up garage doors.  To facilitate the tight roll over the drum mechanism, the garage door usually isn’t that thick.  That means they could be punctured and broken by thieves, despite the automatic locking mechanism.  Also if there is a problem with the door mechanism, some roller doors don’t have a manual option because of the complicated rolling motion.  That means if something is wrong with your door mechanism, you may have to have it repaired before you can open your garage door.

When looking to purchase roll up garage doors, there are a variety of companies and options for your doors.  Depending upon the size of your door, the cost could be as little as $200, or could run well over $1,000.  As there are a wide variety of mechanisms available, usually the mechanism isn’t included in that price.  A garage door opener can run you anywhere from $100 to over $200.

The mechanism is generally more important than the door itself, as most doors are relatively the same.  Try finding a brand name mechanism, as they usually have better warranty agreements, as well as lifetime guarantees.  Brands like Chamberlain and Genie are a good place to start.  When you’re looking to buy a mechanism or a door it’s best to go to a hardware store, as they will have the expertise to answer any questions.  Also a hardware store is more likely to facilitate in house repairs, so if there is a problem with your door or mechanism, you can easily and quickly have the trouble fixed.  Big chains like Home Depot and Lowes are a good bet.

From there the last factor in your roller garage door selection is installation.  Many stores offer installation for a nominal fee.  Or if you want to save money and are a bit of a do-it-yourselfer, you can also install the doors yourself at no extra cost.  Some doors will come with guide videos, or you can usually find some sort of guide on the company website, or even on sites like  As long as you’re relatively handy, you should have no problem installing your roll up garage doors.

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