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Torsion Spring Garage Door Systems For Opening And Closing

Torsion spring garage doors use extension or torsion spring systems for easy opening and closing in overhead doors.

Getting the right type of torsion spring garage door is a necessity when you’re looking for the perfect way to ensure you’re able to have a no fuss means of opening and closing your garage. Only these types of doors have the reliability, as well as long term durably to make them really worth your time.  Because of the way that these springs are made to work, you can be sure that your garage is going to open in a flash, and do so much more quickly than any other type that you’ll find.  It’s just a matter of buying the right sort of torsion spring garage door, that you know is going to serve you well.

The Differences

What sets these types of doors apart from so many other models out there, is just in the overall construction.  As the name of a torsion spring garage door would sound, they feature a very large and powerful spring that does most of the work for you.  Because of the tension that is able to be put on a spring of this type, you’re able to ensure that your door is easily raised and lowered with confidence, despite the weight of the material that you choose.  That’s because torsion springs can handle hundreds and even thousands of pounds without a problem, so you have an asset that’s going to get your door opened and closed in a flash, no matter what.  All you have to do is find the right type of door.

Models Available

Basically, with a torsion spring garage door, you’re able to choose from a few different models of door, that can be adapted to this style of opening and closing.  That means you can choose between those like up and over doors, as well as sectional doors.  The main difference being that up and over doors are all one solid piece of material, so they will swing out, and then slide to the top of the garage.  Whereas sectional doors are literally made up from sections of material, that form a solid door when extended, but that can be folded up onto the roof much more easily, and without occupying any more space in front of the garage door.


Of course, you also want to think about the type of torsion spring garage door that you buy, just based upon look and feel as well.  That means you want to consider whether you want to go with a metal door, or a wooden variation.  Metal doors are going to be the most durable, as well as the most light in the long run, so you can get a less powerful spring and opening system.  But wood is infinitely more attractive, but will be a lot more heavy depending upon how thick the door is, and if you want them to last a long time you need the wood to be quite thick.

Finding The Right Place To Shop

When you’re after any type of torsion spring garage door, you’re also going to find that you want to go shopping in the right place, and that means finding a door expert in your area.  You have to turn to sites like for example, so that you can really explore all the service providers in your area, so that you can find the right type of door, at the right type of price.

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